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Identify Your “Invisible” Website Visitors

Your business has poured resources, hours, and good money into developing an amazing website that establishes you as an expert in your field. It looks good. It’s informative. It has all the elements of a Good Website.  And you’re spending even more money driving traffic to this website, and you can see the activity.

You’re good … right? Maybe. Here’s the problem: No matter how great your website is, only a very small fraction of your visitors will reach out to you after they look around. What about the rest of the visitors who remain anonymous? What about the ones who are ready to buy, but don’t reach out or fill out a form?

It should be no surprise that technology can fix that! Our technology allows you to be more proactive and go beyond traditional retargeting and just hoping for visitors to convert to a sale. Anyone who visits your website is a viable lead, and now you can go to them.



Big-data solutions are now available to identify those invisible visitors down to their home address and to filter them by demographics drivers. In fact, it is now possible to link 25-40% of all your website visitors to their home mailing address.

The process starts by capturing your visitors’ IP addresses with our tracking code. This lets us append big data in real time, and message them about the product or service they are researching on your website.

Knowing what your customers are interested in is important to conversion, and now when you reach out to them—whether through targeted digital ads or direct mail—you can message them about the products that they were interested in.



According to Donald Miller in “Marketing Made Simple,” it can take up to 8 touchpoints before a customer is willing to buy your product. Visiting your website is one of those touchpoints … and a crucial one at that.

If you are proactive and identify your invisible website visitors, you can escort them more quickly through the sales funnel by sending targeted direct mail and digital ads, thus providing more touchpoints and pushing them to the final decision stage.



With all the resources you’ve invested in your website, you want to see a strong ROI. That means you need to convert as many visitors into customers as possible. Make sure your invisible visitors are counted as viable leads as well.

Yes, it costs money to implement this IP to Direct Mail technology. But what is it costing you not to do it?



Want to know more? Check out this video to see how Victory-360 can help you unmask your invisible website visitors.