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15 Marketing Fundamentals

“15 Marketing Fundamentals”


Wow! Just 15 things to consider and remember when putting a campaign together! That’s all.

All kidding aside, the Marketing Fundamentals outlined are all good.  While all 15 items listed are true and meaningful the most important, and most often overlooked, is #1 Identify the Marketing Objective.  It’s called the “Controlling Idea” and it needs to be SMARTSpecific,Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. But where do all the SMART points come from?  Your data!


Picture this – Your CEO comes into work and announces they had a great idea. Most good employees would follow what the owner wants and do the best they can.  If marketing was just taking a good idea and throwing it out there to see what happens, we’d all be great marketers.  That’s where people often get frustrated: when a great idea didn’t work out so great. Success comes with a plan.


Here’s our 3-step plan to successful campaigns:


  1. Analyze your data.  (No more guessing – data will point you in the right direction – target audience,  most effective media, type of messaging, timing/frequency, etc. )
  2. Establish your controlling idea and clarify your message (and creative) based on the analysis
  3. Measure your results against SMART KPI’s.



Be SMART. 3 steps and your 15 Marketing Fundamentals are covered. Work smarter not harder.



Our team at Victory-360 helps bring real value to the process, and delivers results you could only dream about.  Data. Messaging. Measurements. We’re here to help you get better results with better mail.