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With the advent of digital printing comes the power and flexibility to print-on-demand. On-demand printing allows you to do one piece or one million pieces, with each and every one of them customized or personalized - right down to an audience of one! This is a powerful tool for marketers.

Now you can reach small segments within your customer or prospect database and produce customized materials that stretch marketing budgets and deliver a strong return on investment.

National brands can produce marketing materials which are customized for each and every office or store location.

Non-profits can deliver personal acknowledgements mailed to the donor on the same day a donation is made.

Fundraisers can completely eliminate expensive premium inventory, improving cash flow and eliminating waste.

Combined with powerful database tools and on-line ordering systems, print on demand is the engine behind cross media promotions, customer premium programs and even books on demand.

We’ll help you stretch your marketing budget with robust digital and print-on-demand solutions.

Tailor your marketing directly to your audience with Cross Media Marketing campaigns.

xMediaNOW™ is our customized marketing solution which allows you to deliver a personal message that resonates with each and every recipient, using one or several mediums as your delivery vehicle. In a cross media campaign, we use technology to:

  • Interact with the audience
  • Deliver highly personalized and real-time messages
  • Increase loyalty
  • Speak personally to your audience in the medium of their choosing
  • Invite users to share information to enhance their experience
  • Invite users to establish a relationship with your organization or product

XMEdiaNOW offers many communications techniques:

  • Print (postcards, direct mail pieces)
  • Email offers or campaigns with click-through
  • pURL campaigns (print + personalized URL and landing pages)
  • Real-time personalization and variable data printing
  • Real time reporting and dashboards to follow your results

If you need to:

  • Improve your marketing results
  • Promote a cause
  • Solicit donations or membership
  • Cross sell or upsell products to existing customers
  • Find new customers

XmediaNOW is for you. Let us create a custom campaign for you today.