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Meet Michael “Jay” DeMos, our founder. Mike DeMos has spent his entire career executing on behalf of his customers. He wanted to combine his considerable years of manufacturing, mailing, logistics and marketing expertise in a comprehensive way that helps clients achieve results. Marketing results. Sales and revenue results. Growth.

So he formed Victory-360, a marketing strategy and execution firm, helping clients with marketing needs and the manufacturers who serve them. The company’s core mission is to bring clarity to your strategy, your plan, and your options for execution to achieve superior results. We do this by staying current with technology (so you don’t have to) understanding new social media outlets, and by aligning ourselves with the brightest talent in the industry.

Our principles are simple:

Serve the customer: Stay in the trenches with them, be accountable, be dependable, and get it done. Deliver an enhanced customer service experience like they’ve never seen before.

Equipment-agnostic: Have you ever heard the phrase “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail?” That’s what you get when you tie your projects to a single manufacturer – you’re at the mercy of their equipment and capabilities. Sure, we know how compelling it is to have a great relationship and a one-stop shop. But it’s also limiting, and can be expensive. Our production recommendations are founded in experience, looking for ways to improve your results and save costs, with a careful eye on the ROI.

Innovate: Use past experience to solve problems and be an innovative thinker. Apply technology solutions to processes that can be streamlined. Never suggest technology simply for technology’s sake. Be mindful of implementation challenges and the impact it has on the customer’s employees.

At the end, we deliver a win.

Nice to meet you! We’re Victory-360.